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Welcome to the website of Indian refractory industry

Refractories for insulation of furnaces and kilns
Refractories to meet high-temperature erosion/ corrosion
Refractories to take high-temperature loads
Refractories for continuing improvement in production & performance
Refractories for cost-effective manufacturing solutions

Indian refractory makers are the proven and reliable suppliers of refractories world-wide for the metallurgical industries, cement plants, glass factories and other user industries.

Indian Refractory Makers Association (IRMA) is the Association of Indian refractory makers committed to provide tailor-made refractory products and services suited for the needs of the customers.


IRMA is the national body for Indian companies designing, engineering, installing and maintaining refractories for cost effective and value added operations in manufacture of steel, non-ferrous metals, cement, glass, ceramic products, calcination of lime and other non-metallic minerals, chemicals and fertilizers, boilers and incinerators, and a host of other high-temperature applications.
The Association will be happy to furnish free-of-charge readily available information about member companies and an outline of the major activities of the Association. Kindly contact us for further details on Indian refractory industry.

IRMA Awards of Excellence 2012-13 for Overall Excellence and Exports for Large, Medium & Small Scale Sectors


IRMA Lifetime Achievement Award (2012-13)


IRMA Member Profile
Currently more than 65 manufacturing companies in India are members of the IRMA. There are also 20 units as associate members producing equipment, accessories, instruments and raw materials used in refractory manufacture. The member companies produce firebricks, high alumina, alumina carbon, silica, basic, zircon, zircon mullite, silicon carbide refractories as also speciality products like monolithics, slide gate plates, continuous casting refractories etc.
IRMA Articles
IRMA Chairman Mr. Arvind Jain's Speech at AGM (2011-12)

IRMA Chairman Mr. Arvind Jain's Speech at AGM (2012-13)

Keynoteaddress of Prof. V.C. Pandolfelli at IREFCON2012


Producing refractories
Developing refractories
Talking refractories
Dreaming refractories
Only to serve consuming industries better !

That is IRMA,
The Indian Refractory Makers Association


IRMA Membership
IRMA membership is open to refractory makers who have production facilities in India. IRMA also offers Associate membership to companies which provide support to refractory makers like raw material materials and equipment suppliers etc and have manufacturing/value addition facilities in India..


IRMA Directory of Members 2015
IRMA Member directory is a comprehensive information about the member companies as well as the Associate members of IRMA containing the production facilities, infrastructural capabilities and contact details.



Indian Refractory Makers Association