Important Milestones

  • 1965: 1st IRMA Trade Delegation to Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Thailand with Mr. S. N. Mukherjee as Chairman and Mr. N .K. Guha Ray as Deputy Chairman

  • 1966: 1st issue of IRMA Journal published

  • 1971: 1st I IRMA Seminar on Monolithic Refractories in April

  • 1974: IRMA Directory of Members published for the first time

  • 1975: 1st refresher course conducted

  • 1979: 1st IRMA participation in Trade Fair (3rd IETF, New Delhi)

  • 1982: IRMA Silver Jubilee otf IRMA celebrated

  • 1983: 1st IRMA technical delegation to Japan

  • 1984: Institution of IRMA cash award to meritorious students for refractory studies

  • 1985: Institution of Lifetime Award for services to refractory industry (Dr. H.K. Mitra, former Head of Refractories Dept. of TISCO)

  • 1988: IRMA receives Principal Membership of UNITECR

  • 1990: Independent IRMA Secretariat established

  • 1992: 1st export delegation to Bangladesh

  • 1994: IRMA establishes its own office

  • 1994: 1st IRMA sponsored cooperative research on zircon/zircon mullite

  • 1996: 1st IREFCON organized by IRMA at New Delhi

  • 1997: IRMA presented a paper on "Refractories Education in India" at UNITECR '97

  • 2003: IRMA participates in international exhibition (METEC) for the first time

  • 2004: 1st IRMA Award for Excellence

  • 2005: 1st 10 day training programme for Junior Technicians organized at TRL, Belpahar

  • 2008: IRMA celebrates its Golden Jubilee.

  • 2010: IRMA conducted 10 weeks residential certificate programme on refractories application for freshers.

  • 2011: Formal approval from Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India for the Chirkunda Refractory Cluster

  • 2011: IRMA organizes a successful tour of MSME entrepreneurs to China

  • 2012: Short Course on Refractories organised for the first time at the IREFCON'12

  • 2013: IRMA sponsors Dalmia Institute of Scientific & Industrial Research to build a refractory workshop at Rajgangpur

  • 2017: IRMA signs MoU with IIT BHU to start IIT BHU IRMA Centre for Excellence in Refractories

  • 2017: IRMA engages external media agency for media promotion of domestic refractory industry as well as highlight the problems faced by them.


  • IRMA Award of Excellence 2012-13
  • Overall Excellence and Exports for Large, Medium And Small Scale Sectors
  • IRMA Lifetime Achievement Award (2012-13)

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IRMA Articles

  • Address of Welcome by Shri Arvind Jain, Chairman IRMA, at the50th Annual General Meeting on 30th August 2011
  • The greatest challenge for the future of the refractory area by V.C. Pandolfelli, Federal University of S. Carlos, Brazil

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IRMA Publication

  • Directory of Members 2013
  • Elements of Refractory Business Management
  • The Refractories Industry in India - A Study

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